Lidia - Digital commerce as a service
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Digital Commerce
as a Service
Lidia Commerce Platform offers an all-encompassing toolkit for digital commerce, featuring a robust commerce engine, intuitive management interfaces, and powerful programming tools. It eliminates the need for multiple disparate systems, simplifying operations and reducing costs.
Lidia - Digital commerce as a service
Trusted by enterprise companies
The Powerhouse for your digital commerce success
The core engine behind all operations. It is a state-of-the-art Backend as a Service (BaaS) solution, designed to empower businesses with the tools and existing integrations needed to excel in the digital commerce space.
Seamless Integration Capabilities
Effortlessly connect your existing legacy systems with new generation applications, ensuring a smooth and integrated digital commerce ecosystem.
High Scalability and Reliability
Scale your operations with ease, thanks to a platform designed for growth, capable of handling increased traffic and sales volumes without compromising performance.
Comprehensive Digital Commerce Solution
Lidia Marketplace Suite includes an engine supporting all required user journeys, an admin panel, a merchant panel.
Don't build a store, build a shopping mall.
Lidia Marketplace Suite is a bundle of cloud ready digital commerce tools enabling you to create, manage, and scale a state-of-the-art, competitive, successful enterprise-grade online marketplace.
Go, launch your own online marketplace.
Once deployed on to your favorite infrastructure you can start managing your product catalog and on-boarding merchants immediately. Multiple customized user interfaces built on top of the engine will help you build an omni-channel strategy, get more orders. Existing integrations will enable you getting payments, delivering packages easily.
Much shorter time to market
Lidia Marketplace Suite includes an engine supporting all required user journeys, an admin panel, a merchant panel and an API for 3rd parties. You will only need a couple of months for your customized user interface.
More social
more revenue
Easy to use social commerce features supported by Lidia Marketplace Suite encourages customer reviews and feedback, providing valuable insights for product improvement and customer satisfaction
Fulfill orders,care for the customers
Online marketplace success comes from the ability to fulfill orders and solve every problem of the customer during and after. Lidia Marketplace Suite comes with a solution center for the customers and penalty management for the merchants.
Build your team,
do your stuff
The powerful and well-documented API of Lidia Marketplace Suite allows different teams to work on the same project together without problems. This reduces the dependency and risk and gives you the flexibility to host the development of your core business internally.